Grá 3×2 ² Audrey Hendy

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
I had just left college. I was struggling with who I was as a person and who I was as an artist. I was
too scared to put any trust in myself. All that I could think about were the negative things that I had
been told over and over again. I listened to all those voices and I doubted myself. I felt inadequate. I
felt bewildered and lost. However, my grandmothers passing during this time made me face up to
many of the emotions I was feeling. My grandmother had been an artist in her own lifetime and she
was someone that I had a shared a deep love and connection with. I was awoken to the brevity and
shallowness of life which urged me to be open to the artist that I was suppressing. The photos are a
documentation of the inward fight that I fought with myself.
This series is made up of a combination of self-portraits and photographs of the contents of my late
grandmothers house. The images were shot on 35mm black and white film which I then printed in
the darkroom. The process of creating the tactile prints was very important to me. Spending time
alone in the dark obsessing over the prints meant that I had time to reflect on the emotions I had
built up inside me, and ultimately to let them go.
Audrey Hendy is a photographer currently based between Dublin and Co. Kildare, Ireland. Her
work, mostly self-portraiture, focuses on themes of identity and gender. She is hugely inspired by
femininity, childhood, and her rural surroundings. Audrey has recently completed her BA in
Photography at IADT, Dun Laoghaire (2018).

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