‘Uses of Enchantment’ Viewing, July 27th, 28th, and 29th 8.30 pm. Sparkle, Niamh Jackman, paper, string, masking tape.

SSparkle Night

‘Uses of Enchantment’ is an exhibition exploring the theme of childhood and memory. The title comes from a book of the same title written by Bruno Bettelheim, in which he looks at fairy tales from a Freudian perspective.

Childhood is a very potent time; children, unlike adults, live in the present. The past is a small space, the future a vast indistinct vista. Children are instinctively aware of their vulnerability; they depend on others to feed, protect and provide shelter for them. This exhibition transforms domestic spaces into Enchanted ones.

I wrote a submission brief and invited artists to choose a part of the house and make a piece specifically for that space: the fridge, the fireplace, under the stairs, the bathroom, the washing machine have been usurped in the name of art.

Kathryn Cahill  MD

cropped-enchanted-fireplace-elaine-cooke3 Walls Gallery




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